How To Gain Weight With Bulking Steroid Supplements

How to Gain Weight With Legal Steroids

If you’re a slender man who is wanting to gain weight, legal steroids can not only put some meat on your bones, but increase muscle mass as well. Muscle mass actually weighs more than fat, so as you lose fat, and replace it with the same amount of muscle, you’ll naturally see your scale go up anyway.

For the average person, taking safe steroids will give help them the opportunity to achieve weight loss and muscle mass a lot faster than the person who doesn’t take them. What many men don’t realize is that the difference is pretty significant.

A study that recorded that steroid use really works.

One ten week study tested a group of forty-three men, and split them into four different groups. Group A didn’t do anything. No exercise, no workouts. Group B also didn’t exercise, but they were given of an testosterone hormone. For Group C, they were required to exercise, but they didn’t receive any form of hormonal supplements at all. And for Group D, they both exercised, and received a steroidal supplement.

Every other aspect of the 43 men’s lives were kept steady. Their diets were based proportionately on their weight. All workouts were supervised.

After a certain length of time, the results were tallied. Group A had no significant improvement. Group B who had only had steroidal drugs but did not work out, actually put on seven pounds! For Group C, who only worked out, with no steroids, they put on an average of four pounds each. And for the final Group C, they received the most significant results. These guys put on thirteen pounds each!

Legal steroids really work!

Legal steroids work the same way as illegal, or prescription strength. Many men seem to erroneously believe they have to work out for twelve hours a day, even if they take legal steroids, in order to achieve a fit, hard body. But that’s not necessarily true. Legal steroids can actually help you to achieve those great abs much faster!

Achieving a healthy balance

While you can grow some muscle mass with just using steroids. The study doesn’t indicate for what period of time you can safely do this for. And most men only take their legal steroids in twelve week spurts anyway.

For the best results, it’s always recommended that you do the maximum amount of weight lifting and workouts that you can tackle over the course of your 12 weeks, in addition to taking your legal bodybuilding supplements. After all, you can’t take legal steroids 100% of the year, nor is it recommended to do so, no matter how safe their claims may be.

Obviously it is easier to gain weight while taking legal steroids, but it’s also just as important to work out, and ensure that you’re eating a healthy diet full of protein, carbs, and fiber. As you start to put weight on, you’ll find that it’s easier to put the additional pounds on in the future.

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